Sept 2023

Wiki Updates

Stars Added

  • ⭐️Starred SusFlix and The Movie Archive in Streaming Sites. Big libraries, 4K quality.

  • ⭐️Starred Dhokla in video downloading. Big drive, fast downloads.

  • ⭐️Starred Awesome Free ChatGPT in AI Chatbots. Huge list of free chatbots.

  • ⭐️Starred NanaZip in File Archivers. Open-source, modern design, preferred over 7-Zip by some.

  • ⭐️Starred Deluge in Torrent Clients. Open-source client with many useful plugins.

  • ⭐️Starred InnerTune in Android Audio. Open-source YouTube Music client.

  • ⭐️Starred APKPure and UpToDown in Untouched APKs.

  • ⭐️Starred EverythingMoe and Ripped in Indexes. Solid Piracy Indexes.

  • ⭐️Starred ReadAllComics in Comics. Big library, no captcha.

  • ⭐️Starred WatchWrestling24 in Sports Streaming. Good video hosts, quick uploads.

  • ⭐️Starred Sandboxie Plus in Antivirus. User-friendly software sandbox / Guide.

  • ⭐️Starred DarkPatternsTipline in Shopping. Deceptive Service Design Tipline.

  • ⭐️Starred Scoop in Package Managers. Command-line installer for Windows.

  • ⭐️Starred SA Drive in File Tools. Google Service Account Drive Manager.

  • ⭐️Starred OpenModelDB in Image Upscaling. Upscaling Model Database.

  • ⭐️Starred EyeCndy in Video Tools. Camera technique library.

Things Removed

  • We've stopped accepting and started removing all AI tools that require paid API keys to function.

  • Removed FileCR as they've been caught with malware, and still haven't removed it.

  • Removed AnonFiles as they've decided to quit due to people abusing the site.

  • ⭐️Unstarred WinRar in File Archivers. People feel its not as useful anymore given open-source options like 7-Zip / NanaZip.

  • Removed RVX from ReVanced section as its been discontinued.

  • Removed PDF Drive in PDF Sites as downloads no longer work.

  • Removed TronScript in Debloaters. Some people consider it overkill.

  • Removed Poe in AI Chatbots as its now limited to 10 daily messages (or 100 in some countries.)

  • Removed the "Everything I Know" wiki from Indexes as they've gone paid. You can get around it by blocking the overlay, but we're not interested in sending traffic their way anymore.

  • ⭐️Unstarred 1337x and added warning to avoid software / games, as they've had issues with malware, including a torrent that was up for days after being reported. They did remove it eventually, and respond to the situation, so we feel it would be unfair to remove their site entirely. Our hope is that 1337x acts quicker in the future, avoids situations like this, and begins to earn trust back from people over time.

August 2023

Wiki Updates

Stars Added

  • ⭐️Starred Ova Games in Game Download. Big library, fast hosts.

  • ⭐️Starred SmashyStream in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • ⭐️Starred BlackPearlOrigin in Game Launchers. New game launcher and downloader, made by our friends.

  • ⭐️Starred Androeed and Modyolo in Modded APKs.

  • ⭐️Starred Skraper in Emulation. Automate ROM Covers / Metadata.

  • ⭐️Starred ROMhacking in ROM Sites. One of the oldest sites for fan translations.

  • ⭐️Starred FreeSports in Live Sports. A live sports site that isn't flooded with ads like most are.

  • ⭐️Starred SoccerCatch in Sports Streaming. Full Match replays.

  • ⭐️Starred DownloadPirate in VFX Sites. Popular site for video effects and software.

  • ⭐️Starred SophiApp in debloaters. Gives good explanations for its tweaks making it safer for new users.

  • ⭐️Starred Actually Good Distros in Linux. Beginner distro guides.

Things Removed

  • Removed Bromite as they've stopped updates, and replaced it with Cromite which will continue to be updated by one of their devs.

  • Removed AI Text Detectors as they're known for being inaccurate.

  • ⭐️Unstarred SoftArchive in Software as people have become annoyed with their slow hosts.

  • ⭐️Unstarred LookMovie in Streaming as people don't like the fact 1080p is behind premium.

  • ⭐️Unstarred QuickBoost in Tweaking as the app doesn't give details as to what each tweak actually does.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Sockshare in Streaming as their original domain died, and it doesn't have the best UI anyways.

  • Removed AnimeKaizoku from Anime Streaming as they've shutdown.

  • Removed DeepFloyd from Image Generators as its been paused for over a month.

  • Removed Appnee from Software Sites. The MAS team found that they host many unsafe activators. We don't think Appnee is purposefully malicious, they just need to be more careful and clean things up before we can add them again.

July 2023

Wiki Updates

  • Created a 🐭 Lemmy Instance, where users can make and run their own communities. Piracy + NSFW Friendly.

  • Added a Study / Research section to Educational.

  • Added a Travel section to Miscellaneous.

  • Added a Hardware section to System Tools.

  • Added qualities (720p, 1080p) to Anime Streaming sites.

  • Combined Steam / Epic Tools with DLC Unlockers.

  • Linked the "missing sections" in all index pages. i.e. Image Tools, Dev Tools, Storage, Base64, NSFW and Unsafe.

Stars Added

  • ⭐️Starred Seez in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • ⭐️Starred SockShare in Streaming Sites. Great for obscure TV.

  • ⭐️Starred UHDMovies in Video Download. 4K Movie Host.

  • ⭐️Starred Glitchwave in Game Tracking. RYM's new game rating site.

  • ⭐️Starred hate5six in Audio Streaming. Huge collection of live band videos.

  • ⭐️Starred SittingOnClouds in Audio Download. Game / Anime Soundtracks.

  • ⭐️Starred Koalageddon in Steam / Epic. DLC Unlocker.

  • ⭐️Starred SpotC++ in iOS Audio. Spotilife + Sposify IPA.

  • ⭐️Starred Favoree in YouTube Tools. Channel Discovery.

  • ⭐️Starred CloakStream in Privacy Tools. Encrypt Download URLs.

Things Removed

  • Removed Soap2Day in Streaming Sites as they've shutdown.

  • ⭐️Unstarred JustChill in Streaming Sites as they've been dealing with DDoS attacks and now require logins.

  • Removed Rinzry in Video Download as drive generators no longer work.

  • Removed Mudome in Audio Streaming as it turned into a NSFW site.

  • Removed Demonoid as they've gone private.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Imgur in Image Hosts as they've mass deleted everything not tied to accounts.

  • ⭐️Unstarred IVPN as they've decided to remove port forwarding.

  • Removed Chromium from the Unsafe List, as some people feel strongly that Manifest V3 isn't enough justification to label it unsafe.

June 2023

Wiki Updates

  • Added a Chess / Checkers section to Browser Games.

  • Added a Stable Diffusion section to Artificial Intelligence.

  • Added qualities (720p, 1080p, 4k) to Video Download sites.

  • Created a Git Organization and combined all FMHY related projects into it.

  • Updated the Beginners Guide with new links, a FAQ section and more.

  • Imgur is removing everything not tied to an account, so we've gone through and replaced all our images with ImgBB.

  • Added Friend Wiki's to our sidebar.

Stars Added

Things Removed

  • Removed and unstarred RARBG as they have decided to call it quits.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Mullvad in VPNs as they are removing support for port forwarding.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Patoghu in Download Sites. They've added persian captchas to their downloads, making the site useless to english users.

  • ⭐️Unstarred MagicBrush in AI Image Generators. Not quite as good as other free options now.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Authy in Privacy Tools as its not open-source.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Awesome ChatGPT as its no longer updated.

  • Bromite doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, so we've replaced the main repo with an autobuild for now.

May 2023

Wiki Updates

  • Added The Piracy Glossary ☠️, where we've organized and given explanations to every piracy related term we could think of.

  • Added Optimization, Tweaking, Virtual Machines and Terminal / CLI subsections to System Tools.

  • Added Chat / Forums, Image / Video, Interactive, Interesting and Random subsections to Fun Sites.

  • Added Gardening section to Miscellaneous.

  • Made a Software CSE out of the software sites.

Stars Added

  • ⭐️Starred Torrminatorr in Gaming Sites. Tormminatorr is back!

  • ⭐️Starred GOG Games in Gaming Sites. Gog is back on clearnet!

  • ⭐️Starred FileCR in Software Sites. FileCR has removed their anti-adblock.

  • ⭐️Starred Streaminal-TV in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • ⭐️Starred TokyoInsider in Anime Downloading. Anime site with single click DDLs.

  • ⭐️Starred Cubari in Manga Sites. Multi-site manga scraper.

  • ⭐️Starred FoxyTab, Zoom Page WE and Scroll Anywhere in Browser Extensions.

  • ⭐️Starred PokeSmash in Fun Sites.

  • Re-added + starred WCO in Cartoon Streaming. This went paid for a bit, but seems to be free again.

  • Re-added + starred CloudStream in Android Streaming. Some extensions are still getting updates.

Things Removed

  • ⭐️Unstarred WebOasis in Indexes. Doesn't seem to be getting updated anymore. RIP Webby.

  • ⭐️Unstarred UniqueStream, HDMovieBox and Pirate-Media in streaming for being slow / dead.

  • ⭐️Unstarred Soft98 in software as most downloads are dead.

  • Removed Midjourney in Image Gen as its no longer free.

April 2023

Wiki Updates

Stars Added

  • ⭐️Starred ChatPDF in AI chatbots. AI that turns any book into a chatbot.

  • ⭐️Starred Foogle in Video Download. Fast, single click video downloads.

  • ⭐️Starred JustChill in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • ⭐️Starred movie-web Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • ⭐️Starred Primewire in Streaming Sites. Primewire has started adding links to pirated content again.

  • ⭐️Starred Wotaku in Indexes. Awesome Japanese piracy index.

  • ⭐️Starred RLSLOAD in software sites. Software site with single click downloads.

  • ⭐️Starred Flameshot in Screenshot Tools. Some people like this more than ShareX.

Things Removed

  • Removed FTUApps. FTU got caught with malware by /r/Piracy.

  • Removed star from FileCR. They added new anti-adblock measures recently, and adblock defenders are no longer working for many users.

  • Removed anti-anti-copy userscript. Script enables F7 "Caret Browsing mode" without telling the user its been enabled, or how to turn it off.

Git Commits